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Ahhh perfect… You know how you check out a nice girl when you met her the first time? Same here when i search through all the girls for the ones with nice curves that would be a good addition to chubbylog.com . Then i saw her: Sam Spriggs , 24 , blonde and first view goes to the face: wow, a real beauty, with nice eyes and smooth skin…second view goes for the tits…:-) wohaa BIG .. no wrong word..HUGE tits and all 100% natural without silicone and crap.Good example that boobs can be huge,round and tight without surgery. so my eyes go down to the waist and hip: wow that is a real woman. A bit fat, but still very hot curves and a round big butt… in one word: a perfect chubby teen and a great new addition to our archive of plump , sexy girls. So enjoy these hot pictures of chubby teen sam and if you wan´t to see more from her : Visit www.voluptuous.com


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