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Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Got something nice for you today.. a damn hot chubby teenager with a faible for tight latex lingery. I catched this sweet fatty in an entertainment park in the city. After dating her a few time she told, me about her dream of beeing bondaged and filmed like a real dirty sex whore ..the right sentence to the right man so ..

Young plumper bondaged

Young plumper bondaged

i took this sweet piece of meat to my home and she revealed another faible.. tight latex underwear this sits extremly close at her hot curves and has holes for every important pieces of her plump body. After a few minutes of watching her bondaged body and her cunt getting wetter and wetter i handed her a nice little vibrating playtoy and she started playing with her sweet clit while watching me filming this fat latex babe

Teenage fatty in latex lingerie

Teenage fatty in latex lingerie

i guess she loves the feeling of masturbating in front of a cam in a dirty outfit like the great and slim famous pornstars. She has no idea that she is much hotter than the average professional pornstar because she has the right curves, the natural amateur apperance  beautiful fat and natural boobs and you can see and aer that this hot plumper really is turned on by her dildo

Masturbating fatty

Masturbating fatty

look at that face..isn´t that a seet and shy plumper.. probably she will go to her work in the morning with a big long sweatshirt and baggy pants because she is to shy to wear tight clothes that would show her enormous boobs and her big round butt.. but then when the night comes this plumper shows whats really in her.. so you know her now.. if you see her anywhere ..imagine that she probably has some hot latex lingery under her clothes and her pussy is dripping wet when you accidently touch her fat booty …

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Shy fatty riding a dildo

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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

I can´t get enough of thes unbelievable  young chubby sluts with her incredible huge natural boobs. Our chubby plumper for today has the name Bozena and she has a nice curvy rack that she loves to show with a sweet red corsage that hovers her enormous boobs as good as possible 

Huge natural Tits

Huge natural Tits

but a real man just wants to see how these big milkbags hang down when this young plumper is sucking your dick like on this pictures. besides that you can see how huge her tits really are you can also easily finger her asshole or check out how wet her pussy is while with your other hand you can force your cock deep inside her throat.

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Chubby teenager sucking dick

and then , wehn her shaved cunt is wet enough you can get this fat booty butt on you and let her take a ride on your rockhard cock while you can try to get a hold of her enormous natural boobs or pet her clit while sucking her nipples. Chubby teen babes has so much to play with you will never get the same experience with a single girl, so check out chubby natural teen slut Bozena on the videoclips i linke to the pictures.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

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hmm what a nice more-than-a-handful pair of natural big boobs… These two fat milkbags belong to sandy, a 22 year old chubby teen slut from france. As you can see on the first picture she is terrible sensitive on her fat tits and especially her small nipples are a very nice place to touch when you want to get her pussy wet

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as a reward she opened her legs and her mouth for tommy and while he fingered her tight but extremly wet cunt with his fingers she sucked his dick deep into her troath until it is hard and big enough to penetrate her  pussy.

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yeah thats the way you have to do it wehn you want to duck a fat teen babe . fuck her from behind so that you can see her plump belly and her huge natural tits. Additionally you can clap her fat booty ass while penetrating the chubbys cunt.

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yeah and that is the resulT: a cumming chubby teen slut that will never forget the hot fuck you gave her. And believe me: there is nothing better that fucking a chubby teen babe with nice curves , especially a nice big fat butt and natural round boobs.

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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

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Hmmm these sexy fat milkbags belong to betty , a 24 year old plumper from south oregon. This chubby redhat contacted us through email and told us she got what we are looking for and she is horny enough to let us film her while her big butt is getting banged by one of our actors so after she send us some pics of her chubby body and detailed pics of her tight cunt, her fat ass and her big natural tits we invited her to our location…

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and she really was exactly what we were looking for: a hot and young chubby teen that was ready to get banged, abused and used all ways we could think of ..and tape her while we do it.

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She told us she was searching a guy to fuck her a long time now but yet she was unhappy with the results so that she needed to buy more and more vibrators ond other sex toys to please her lust.

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but this time we have enough manhood to getter to fuck this chubby chick for a whole hour …and the blowjobing and tits sucking is not included here…watch another real neighbour chubby getting fucked the right way by strong dicks in her tight pussy while her fat tits and ass bounce ..



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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

This is Francine again a nice example what a sexy chubby girl can look like

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She is not a fat teen but she got something you can grab your hands in while sucking her sexy little nipples and enjoying her wet hot cunt around your dick. Just image what it would like to take this hot plumper from behind , watching her fat ass moving .

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hmm look at her fat belly and how wet her tight cunt is…. it must be a fucking pleasure to push a dick inside this plump teen again and again and look at her face while you force your dick deeper and depper inside her  wet hot hole.

And when you feel like you have to cum now what could be a better place to shoot your cum to than this fat sex  slut´s mouth? Don´t even ask her: Chubby teenage girls do everything just to get someone fuck her , they will smallow your cum with pleasure again and again as long as you can give them a good fucking.

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